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even rule out canceling this summer's america's cup. >> thank you, nick. and it is time now for the "closing arguments" portion of the show today. an historic one for new york city, america and steelworker of lore manhattan. freet dom tower, erected on the very plot where the fallen twin towers once stood received its crowning antenna tower, the last piece needed to make a symbolic 776 feet tall one world trade, now the highest building in the western hemisphere. so what do you think of the new massive structure? a symbol of american resistance there? why don't you weigh in on the "nightline" facebook page or tweet us at "nightline" or at bill weir abc. we thank you for watching abc news. our friends at "good morning america" will be up with your early. have a great weekend.
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it is happening in antioch where a man has been shot by police. >> it happened near buchanan and barcelona circle. let's go to ama dates who is live at the scene for us. ama? >> carolyn and dan, i am not far from where it happened.
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if you take a look, i am actually on buchanan road and mission. and you can see a lot of police cars here and investigator cars there directing traffic. and if you look a little farther down the road beyond the yellow tape you can see investigators this the street. there are evidence markers that you can see as well. again we are told this is an officer involved shooting. we do believe the person who was shot did die. however, police have not confirmed that just yet. now concord police are also here along with antioch police. i spoke to a concord police officer and he says this is antioch's city, so they are the ones leading the investigation into what happened. so again officers here in antioch shot a suspect, a person. and we do believe it was a fatal shooting, but police have not confirmed that yet. ama dates, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. we will update that during the newscast and of course on abc morning news tomorrow. the deadly america's cup training accident is calling
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into question whether the risk of these cutting edge catamarans is great. whether the emergency response is adequate given the danger and even whether the race will still happen. abc7 news reporter heather ishimaru is live in san francisco with a look at those questions. heather? >> dan, the question we are asking tonight is will yesterday's accident be a setback or will it be a game changer for the entire america's cup event. >> boats from the marine unit are docked at fisherman's wharf. the police boat was the first to respond yesterday. the coast guard and the fire department arrived soon after. we asked the coast guard if the accident changed their thinking about emergency response planning for the race. >> i think at this point it is too early to tell. we really need to wait until all of the investigations are completed so that we can know exactly what happened. >> some say it is a dangerous sport and the sailors accept the risk. that was before 36-year-old andrew simpson, olympic medal
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list husband and father died in yesterday's accident. he is a correspondent writing about how technology is changing sailing. >> these boats go faster and they are designed to be as light as possible. they will break. that was always part of the plan. the problem is do they go too fast, and are they too big? >> the team artimus and team oracle boats are a new untested class of high-tech boat. they can foil or above fly above water. in fact, the sail is called a wing. the sailing world saw in them a chance to lose the stuffy image with a more exciting tv friendly event like nascar for instance. scott mccloud markets the sport. three years ago he warned against the america's cup and going with the new untested boats. >> it is a beautiful sport. it is el gebt. elegant. i don't think you need to push the technology side to gain more fans.
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>> america's cup organizers don't know how if at all the accident may affect the planned race. >> we will lookens through the i happens through the review process. >> at this poi time linas been no time line announced for the review and the investigation. in san francisco, heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> heather, thank you. >> a principal is apologizing after wrongly accusing a freshman of cyber bullying in front of an anti-bullying assembly. they said a high school principal made the accusation in front of the freshman class may 3rd saying the student circulated an inappropriate photo on social media. when it was determined the student had actually done nothing wrong the principal then met with the families of both students and held another assembly to publicly apologize for his mistake. the principal was out of the office today of the the district would not tell us if that principal has been disciplined. new at 11:00, a physical
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confrontation between a san francisco health inspector and a restaurant owner. police say it happened today at noon at a restaurant under construction at taylor and jackson. the inspector told police he was slapped by the restaurant's owner. police cited him for misdemeanor battery. he denies he was involved in any altercation and he claims he was not at the location where the inspector says this happened. the san francisco department of health says they have seen an increase against inspectors recently. a third woman held captive in a cleveland house is back at home tonight. michelle knight was the first of the three kidnapped in 2002. she left the hospital this afternoon. in a statement released on her behalf, the hospital says she is in good spirits and grateful for the outpouring of gifts. also today, dna tests confirm that the suspect in the kidnappings, ariel castro fathered amanda berry's six-year-old daughter. the abductions are still a shock to the suspect's neighbors. >> i just can't really put
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altogether still. i am very happy -- let me get that out. i am very happy and excited for the girls. >> the prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty against the 52-year-old castro. he is being held on $8 million bail. he is currently on suicide watch. new at 11:00, a washington state man is under arrest accused of going on a neighborhood rampage with a bulldozer. police say the man snapped this afternoon after an on going feud with four neighbors. it became too much for him to handle. he reved up the bulldozer and damaged the houses. looks like a tornado tore through them. he mowed down a power pole knocking down electricity to thousands of homes. no one was injured. well, a rough night for the warriors. >> and potentially devastating news regarding steph curry and the fragile ankle of his. sports director larry beil is here with the story. >> you knew the spurs would not go quietly and it turns
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into a double whammy. not only did they beat the warriors, but steph tweaked his ankle again. keys the game is tony parker. he is falling down and he heaves it up and it goes. parker lead the way for the spurs for 32 points. here is the concern going into game four. steph rolling his ankle, his left ankle this time and this was late in the fourth quarter. he stayed in the game, but he was clearly hobbling in a 102-92 loss. the spurs take a 2-1 series lead. we will have complete highlights and reaction in sports with a lot of focus on steph's ankle. he ankle he had surgery on. this is the left ankle. >> he tweaked a couple times. he tweaked it in the denver series. as he was leaving the arena he was clearly hobbling. 38 hours between now and the start of game four. >> thanks, larry. >> of course it was a full house once again at oracle arena. the fans were counting on a victory.
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john alston is live with fan reaction. >> carolyn, not a lot of hootin and hollering. they are up by one game and down by one game and they are not giving up hope. >> they couldn't hit a three. that's what it is. you don't hit three's and you don't win games. >> almost all of the faithful stayed until the bitter end. and for many of them it was a silent march to the parking lot. >> we are a little bit down. but we haven't given up. the series is a long way to go. we have to make adjustments and they kept clay out of the game. now it is time for us to make our adjustments. we will win this series. >> it was an ocean of gold with a few familiar faces sprinkled in. that was colin cap kaepernick in one of the luxury boxes and a few down is larry reid. >> this is about as special as my job. particularly the last home game. it is really exciting. i am enjoying myself as all of the other fans are.
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>>d like david armstrong were more than happy to spend $150 for the nose bleed section. >> the very last seat. up here and my nose is bleeding. >> but it was worth it to see the warriors in the playoffs? >> it was worth it. it was absolutely worth it. >> it was a party atmosphere. >> i'm curious, is there a 10-second delay between the time action happens on the court and the time you see it up here. >> no, i didn't see that. >> it is instantaneous? >> yes. >> you got to see the game. the only complaint was the outcome. the next game is sunday and the warriors are making plans to put potential game six tickets on sale on monday. in oakland, john alston, abc news. >> you can watch game four of the playoff series sunday at noon here on abc7. that is followed by after the game with larry beil and mike shumann. >> no 10-second delay. >> for the best fan experience you can have without being there follow us on twitter while you watch the game.
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larry and shu will be tweeting without. be sure to stay tuned in for that. let's get our first check of the forecast with abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. >> and a live look outside at a foggy financial district in san francisco. temperatures in the 50s right now. i'll have a look at your wake up weather as we kick off mother's day weekend coming up. >> also look at this incredible video. the city that just got pounded by baseball-sized hail. >> and gun owners facing long waits for their bullets. so what happens when the cops can't get theirs. abc7 news investigation
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tonight oakland has its third police chief in three days. he was named interim chief of police on wednesday after howard jordan's unexpected partner stepped down himself. deputy chief sean went will serve. he has assumed the rank of captain. city officials say his decision to step aside so suddenly was voluntary. there is a nationwide ammunition shortage right now, and it is thought just hunters and recreational shooters impacted. your local police department may be paying more and waiting longer to get ammunition to train its officers.
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as eric thomas reports, some departments are trying to stretch their supplies with items you may have in your own home. >> reporter: some police officers take their weapons to the range to qualify three or four times a year. but he has his officer shoot monthly. he buys the department's ammo that can take nine or 12 months to get. >> we have to alter our training to a certain degree in order to maintain the skill level we expect of officers and that the community secretaries out of us. >> and there is sudden and jarring out of last fall's presidential election. toronto says a few years ago he could get this am me for $200 a case. now it is $800 or $900. practice am musician prices are through the -- practice ammunition prices are through the roof. >> we will do five to ten repetitions without ammunitions. they get the mechanics down and we will do several rep petitions with live fire.
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>> they are making more use of what some of us may think of as toys. officers used this air soft pistol like the one you can buy in any sporting good store to learn how to draw and shoot quickly. this replica shoots a laser to help officers put the weapon on target. toronto says officers training this way show no loss of skill. >> because we are trying to train smarter, their actual effectiveness is as high or even a little higher. >> they spend a lot of time on the internet looking for bargains. now the department has just enough. for the recreational shooter some is due to panic buying after president obama was re-elected. >> the fear of new laws and regulations and restrictions, i think that really drove people to say i have to get it now before it is gone. >> kevin anderson is the president of the sports man shooting range in concord. they try to sell ammo at 10% over cost. some could competitors charged
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three times as much with ng customers to twoy means boxes a day. they both hope things will calm down over the next few months. eric thomas, abc7 news. some remarkable new weather video out of texas today. watch this. hail as big as baseballs and one resident recorded the incredible video of a hail storm as it passed over her backyard. several residents said it caused big problems shattering windows and of course really damaging cars. that is huge. >> remarkable. they are just gigantic. >> and a lot of it. stair key. >> a different -- scary. >> a different store us in the bay area. >> sandhya patel is giving us the mother's day weather forecast. >> and it is a forecast that is sure to put a smile on mom's face this weekend. looking at live doppler 7hd and you can see it is foggy
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along the coast. there is fog and low clouds and the view from the high definition emeryville camera, you are looking at interstate 80, and it is overcast. the temperatures are 52 degrees in santa rosa and 57 fairfield and livermore, union city, and los gat toes in the mid50s. it is murky over the golden gate bridge as the fog is reducing visibility. areas of fog, warmer bay and inland for your saturday. it is going to be mild to warm for mother's day. beautiful forecast for you. the high pressure will be calling the shots this weekend as you look at the radar in the satellite. we won't see high clouds spilling over the ridge of the high pressure. they will filter your sunshine especially for your saturday afternoon. tomorrow morning if you are starting off plans for mom early in the day, watch out for the fog. visibility will be low in pockets. temperatures are starting out cool. make sure moms are bundled up. temperatures in the 50s. we will see a um could of upper 40s around santa rosa, napa, santa cruz, and then
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watch what happens to the fog around the bay. over parts of the coastal areas it will start to pull away by late, month. the sun is out early. the inland areas, you will really start to rise in the low 90s by the afternoon. the coastal areas, the fog will hold the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it is a wide range of conditions from coast to inland. something for every mom this coming weekend. highs for your saturday in the south -- south bay, 83 in sunnyvale. warm day in los gatos, 75 in santa cruz and on the peninsula you are looking at 73 in san mateo. 77 palo alto and 80 in loss altos. 56 in pacifica where the fog will be sitting and keeping you company. daly city 57 and 66 in downtown san francisco. 58 in the sunset district. the north bay, you will see summer-like spread with the 50s, 60s coast side and all the way to the 90s around ukiah, clear lake and 82 saw sonoma, santa rosa. heading to the east bay, hayward 74, oakland 73, mild
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day in castro valley, 78 degrees. and a warmer one inland. 88 in fairfield and pleasanton and 86 for san ramon. up to 90 degrees in livermore. if you are going to take your mom to the giants game tomorrow afternoon as they take on the atlanta braves, breezy and mostly sunny. temperatures in the mid60s. lowering a few degree degrees to the low 60s. as you check out the accu-weather seven-day forecast, sunday, sunny skies and even near the coast by the afternoon. a little warmer there. low 60s to low 90s. cooler on monday and tuesday. temperatures will fluctuate within a few degrees for the rest of the workweek. no major changes expected. abc7 news has another great weather resource to follow. live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area conditions. rain or shine get forecast info and power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. carolyn and dan? >> sandhya, thank you. we will be right back with larry beil and the warriors. >> y
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good evening. there is a aren't spurs won
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three titles. the spurs, they heat it up. with a sea of yellow at oracle, it is kind of quiet early, but andrew and boget shaved his beard and more aerodynamic. the first half was about tony parker. there is no way to describe that. there is no name for this other than tony, are you serious? that went in? david leigh, torn hip flexor and all. steph had only nine points in the first half but five assists, with authority. the warriors get within three. three seconds left in the half and parker again. the jumper goes and he had 25 at the half. spurs up nine. steph was silent in the second quarter and hits the three in the third and suddenly we are tied at 65. steph with 16 points and the warriors shot only 39% from the field. parker is out of his mind in this game.
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he knocks down the j and had 32. curry and thompson combine for 33. a bad night gets worse in the fourth. watch the left ankle. he stayed in the game, but he was limping afterwards. no word officially on his condition. we haven't mentioned tim duncun. we should. we will. he is ageless. warriors lose for the first time 102-92 and the spurs lead the series two games to one. >> they out played us. they out, woulded us. they were the aggressor. that being said, we are still a confident basketball team. if we don't play our brand of basketball we are not good enough to just win. >> errors were made in the first two games. they brought it tonight. >> game four sunday afternoon. on to baseball and the giants have been waiting for this and matt cane his best start of the season against the braves.
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oh baby it was cold tonight. two weeks old or something. he went eight strong innings and triking out seven for his -- striking out seven. he chased tim had you hudson in the fourth and you can't say pagan without gone. angel paw began with a two-run blast. not sure if that is a catch phrase, but giants win it 8-2. a's and mariners in seattle. looking to stop the a's four-game skid and not gonna happen. third inning and ibanez with a three-run blast to right. the slumping a's lose their fifth in a row 6-3. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. you can't say pagan without gone. >> we got it. >> we don't want it, but we got it. >> thanks, larry. >> coming um next, oakland -- coming up next, oakland's mayor is feeling good
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here is a look at your wake up weather. it will be foggy first thing in the morning. cool conditions, light breeze. upper 40s to mid50s at 5:00 a.m. at 8:00 a.m. temperatures in the low to upper 50s. if you have plans for mother's day a little early on saturday afternoon, it is going to be warmer around the bay and 73 in oakland and 90 in antioch, livermore. 80 in napa. 66 in san francisco and 59 in half moon bay with the fog lingering and occasional high clouds. lisa argen will be here at 5:00 a.m. carolyn, dan? >> thank you. chalk it up to the successful bay area teams. another friendly wager was placed. >> if the golden state warriors cannot off the san
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antonio spurs she will send delicious eats from the edward and jones barbecue to her counterpart in san antonio. >> but if the warriors pull it off, and we are counting on that, mayor julian castro is on the hook for some text mex -- tex-mex cuisine. >> you can watch game four sunday at noon. that's followed by after the game with sports director larry beil and mike shumann. >> and for the best fan experience you can get without being there, follow us on twitter while you watch the game. larry and shu will be tweeting throughout the action. make sure you check that out. >> they promise to be interesting and worth while tweets, right, larry? >> i don't want to set the bar too high. i will be tweeting. it is relative as to how interesting it is. it is absolutely spectacular. >> that's what we want to hear. >> that's what we want to hear. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson.
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abc7 news continues tomorrow morning beginning at 5:00. >> we're counting on you, larry. for everyone here, we appreciate your time.
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